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Installation, repair and modernisation

We specialise in the installation of all types of elevators. From just a basic package lift, to a full bespoke package. When choosing Burke lifts for the installation phase, you can be sure you are in Safe hands. Our engineers are have NVQ level 3 training and posses all the relevant site safety accreditation.

Elevator reroping

Burke lifts limited also specialise in the reroping of all types of elevators either a straight one to one arrangement or a problematic under slung elevator. We can supply and fit all types of new rope and on all types of elevators.

• Plastic coated ropes
• Fibre Core ropes
• Steel Core ropes
• Chains
• Suspension Belts

We specialise in High Rise Traction and Machine Roomless (MRL) Lifts

We guarantee to be at least 20% CHEAPER than your current re-roping contractor*

Lifting beam installation examination and test

Burke lifting limited are experts in the supply, installation and testing of all types of lifting beams for elevator installation. We can supply, fit and test any grade of Beam. Ranging from 500kg SWL to 5000kg SWL Ibeams. All lifting beams can be supplied in a variety of colours yielding anti corrosion properties. Beams can either be supplied, fitted and tested, supplied and tested, or just tested. Whatever your requirements Burke lifting limited can help.

Lifting loops

Burke lifting limited can also supply and in situ test lifting loops. These can either be mechanically fixed to a lifting beam or to a socket which has been pre cast into concrete. Our lifting loop ranges from 500kg SWL to 4000kg SWL.

Lifting eyes

Burke lifting limited are also experts in the supply, installation and in situ testing of lifting eyes. This is the most cost effective way for a new lifting installation system. The eyes are welded to steel back plate and fixed within the lift shaft or lift motor room by way of either M12 or M16 through bolts depending on the rated safe working load. Our lifting eye pads range from 500kg SWL to 2500kg SWL.

Fall protection Anchors

Burke lifting limited can also supply, install and test fall protection anchors to conform to current legislation (BS EN 795). New package elevators are now commonly fitted on modern day construction sites by means of a scaffold less installation method. This means that the installation engineers that install the elevators need fall protection anchors fitted at various points within a elevator shaft or elevator motor room. This is to protect the engineer from a fall down the elevator shaft. Anchor eyebolts can be supplied in either galvanised steel, stainless steel or white nylon coated as standard.

Elevator Removal

No matter how big or small your requirements are, Burke lifts limited are experts in the decommissioning and removal of all types of elevator. Our elevator removal service is tailored to meet your site specific requirements.

*applies to reroping works

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